You should not need a lawyer. Just go to your local courthouse and ask for the required forms to file for divorce.

If yourX of long ago does not respond, it will be final in 30-45 days.

If their are assets to be distributed from when you were married, that can tak eplace after the divorce.


In your case, one of the “divorce Kits” available at an office supply would probably work too. Check with your clerk of courts too, you may be able to file an “Affidavit of Indingency” which might waive some or all of your filing fees if you qualify.

You can do the absolute divorce yourself by following the instructions found at

It is important to understand that you will lose your rights to alimony and property division when you obtain the absolute divorce. If you have already resolved those issues by written, notarized agreement or court order or you do not care to seek relief related to those issues then feel free to proceed. It is fairly easy to do the divorce on your own. Just be sure that you understand that you are waiving the alimony and property division rights. Good luck.

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I have been married since 1981; I have been separated for 19 years, I have been with my new family for 14 years now I have a son 13 and daughter 9, but I have not divorced my wife; I would like to married the mother of my children, but I really do not have the funds to pay a lawyer, I have children from my 1st wife, which is a son that is 22 and daughter that is 20 year old, I am trying to find a legal aid that takes on divorces, if I can be helped, it would be greatly appreciated

Thank you