Here I go again separation?

Keep in mind that this is only my opinion, but if you are not going to reconcile with this man, the best thing to do would be to move. Change your phone number and mailing address, start over new somewhere else.

  1. No he can not get out of the agreement unless he has something from a doctor saying that he was under too much mental stress to sign an agreement…then he may have a shot at getting out of it, but regardless the last three months, he would still be held accountable.

  2. If he has continually gotten out of paying you due to excuses about paying her then yes, proving that he’s living there may help. It would show, first, that he’s an adulterer, and second, that he’s lying to you to get out of supporting you as he agreed. Keep a journal of dates and events, record phone conversations…document, document, document.

  3. My original suggestion is the only one I can think of about getting her “out” of your life. Sometimes, the best solution is not to fight the battles at all…

Stepmom, Thank You, He never saw a psych until 3 months after he signed our agreement and then started claiming sever depression and anxiety. But any layman can see and say it’s either a scam or the separation caused it after the fact.
I did recieve his answer to my complaint today by Cert. mail. It says he is “guilty with explanation” Whatever he means by that.

But,I’m very close to throwing in the towel and saying the heck with it. It’s becoming to much stress and it just ads to the last 2 years of our relationship.

I’ve started wondering if the spousal support is even worth the BS anymore. I guess pushing the other party to near ruin is how some people get out of their rightful obligations.

Ok so we already know stbx hubby and I have signed a separation agreement and he isn’t paying me a dime of spousal support, :note: he came up with the amount.
Instead of telling a mile long story I’ll cut it as short as possible…

Separated in May, signed and notarized a separation agreement we drew up.
September, stbx starts claiming mental problems and can’t “deal” right now
October, 2 months no spousal support, filed breach of separation agreement stbx served, stbx starts claiming he’s paying CS to first ex-wife, asks me to reconcile, pays me $100 of my spousal support, tells me his first ex has been bleeding him dry to the point he can’t keep up his car payments(mind you this is after he is served his complaint), few days later he gives me $60 more of my spousal support. I tell him I can’t manage to reconcile, to much has happened and there are still to many sticking their nose where it shouldn’t be. following week, not a dime and we are now into November
Today November 3 I recieve a phone call saying my stbx has been living with his first ex-wife since September and is still living there with her and their kids::Note this woman caused our separation by constantly harrassing and threatening and continually filing charges and keeping kids tore up:: So if you’re anything like me, you probably figure like I do, SHE’S had something to do with his sudden change of ideas over our separation agreement.

My questions are this:

  1. 3 months after we signed a separation agreement can he suddenly say he’s nuts and get out of the agreement?

  2. If I have pictures that he is living with the woman and children he says he’s paying CS for can I use this for my breach suit in proving he’s a liar? How many would prove it to a judge?

  3. How can I stop this woman from interfering anymore? I’ve had phone calls here asking for her, I now get her mail here, it’s like at some point she thought I was moving out and she was moving in!