Question about separation

I have been with my husband for 20 years, 15 of them married.Due to lack of trust life has become intolerable together but he refuses to move out.The lease at this residence is in my name only and we share 2 small children.We have been having major issues for years and he signed a separation agreement last spring but refuses to leave stating with the amount of money he makes as he only works part time and the fact that I make him pay half of the bills here because I get SSI.
The situation here is horrible…the emotional abuse is affecting both of our children and I’m at my wits end to try to figure out what to do.I know you cant legally get a divorce for 12 months after you split but how do I get him to go and does the fact that he signed an agreement but doesn’t go give me anything to stand on to have him removed from the home?
I am already in therapy as well as one of my sons.
This cycle has been going on for YEARS and I am desperate to find a way to end it.He is very controlling and manipulative and refuses counseling of any kind and most of the time blames me for everything.I just want more than anything to find a way to resolve this issue so not just me but also my children can put our lives back together and begin the process of healing.
Any information would be much appreciative…thank you so much for your time!
Kaye White