Separation and Divorce questions

I have been married for almost 4 years, no children by this marriage, i have a 9 yr old son from my previous marriage. When we got married we moved in to his house, he has rental property and other real state property assets, mostly acquired prior to our marriage. We don’t have a prenup agreement, he added my name to his bank account etc. We recently decided to pay off house with some of his retirement savings. Since then he has requested 2 different loans for his and his business partner’s rental property company to buy more rental property, I had to sign documents both instances, I asked him why so if house deed didn’t have my name on it, his response was “you are still my wife and house is equally yours since there is no prenup between us”. We have been having some issues lately and he locked me out of the house and sent me some ugly sms messages. I used spared key and went in house to sleep he was too drunk as usual to realize i came in, first thing in morning i left to our vacation home(which was also bought before marriage and is not payed off yet) where i’ve been since, just to relax and think our issues out. Am a very concerned for me and my child though, My husband has a very heavy drinking problem and although he has never abused me or my child physically he has been verbally ugly to me several times while impaired.If this situation doesn’t improve and I decide to legally separate from spouse and file for divorce? I hope things improve because I love my family and want to keep us together. He is a wonderful man aside his drinking problem, loves my child and my child loves him very much, but need to know what to expect in case there is no other choice. Please advise me.

Generalized advice info far as what you should do in this situation is beyond the scope of this forum. If you do decide you wish to leave and have specific questions I am happy to answer those for you.