I am 4 yrs into divorce, but no separation of property as of yet. My ex will not produce necessary documents to do so. Long story short, I have a forensic accountant who is attempting to figure out the worth of business thus far. It has been extrememly difficult because of the lack of documentation, etc. Now I have 2 questions as I write this. This person was hired and it seems my mom and I are doing an awful lot of the work she was hired for. We send info constantly and it seems she is not aware of most of what we send. My atty says she is “the best.” Is this normal? Also, my ex has a prenup with the current wife (here I can’t even get out of this marriage completely and he is remarried spending my money on his new family). We have 2 businesses. Technically he owned one business prior to marriage, but we bought land and structure the business was on after marriage. Then we built another store and bought the land a property. I sold 2 homes (1 which was rental income) to invest in the newest company. There is hardly any equity in them as of DOS. I have been told he will probably get both businesses and have to buy me out. OUr plan was to have it paid off in 10 yrs and use this for childrens college and our retirement. When it is paid off, it will bring in over $200,000 yr income. Why am I not entitled to this luxury too? I did not invest in this to give this to him and his new wife. I did this to care of my childrens and familys future. I can’t seem to get any answers other than he will end up with business and property because he runs the company. Seems terribly unfair to the women! I want to see a copy of the prenup so I have an idea of what her rights are. If he gives here everything and not his kids, I will fight tooth and nail! My atty said it is none of my business. I completely disagree…it has everything to do with how he plans to provide his children in the future. He has not taken care of them financially since we separated/divoreced. My CS is a fraction of what is should be because I cannot prove his income until he provides necessary documentation. He does not help with sports costs…absolutely nothing extra. He says it is paid in CS. Any advice is appreciated.

It is normal for a client to do the leg work in providing documents to a forensic accountant.
I cannot predict the outcome of any case.
The prenup is not relevant to your current case, and he will likely not be forced to turn the same over if you ask for it.