Husband of 22 years recently walked out in Nov stating he wants out it is over after I found some disturbing emails to another women and confronted him on it. He is allowing me to live in our home right now. My concern is we came here 3 years ago for his job and we bought our home but since we had money to down on the new from the sale of old home husband did not need me on the loan because I was not contributing income at the time. My husband has allowed me to be a homemaker for the past 3 years do to work related injury I had just before we came out this way and now he is giving me a hard time about finding a job since he has moved out and he is not wanting to pay for my medical needs any longer. He is paying the bills as of the moment but my question is can he kick me out of our home? How long can I reside in this home? I am considering trying to keep the home because we only have 12 years left on it and I worked my fingers to the bone to have a home and I just don’t want to settle with what he wants to give me. If he wants out of the marriage why should I be the one to move when I depended on him to take care of our future. I trusted him. His guilt and pride is the factor I think in his wanting this now since I found out he was communicating and confiding and lord know what else behind my back. He got caught. Everything was fine for the past 3 years with me not working and he was okay with it until now. I know I have a fight ahead of me because he is being difficult and does not want to give me anything. He is a controlling individual and I let him control all the bills and me. I have worked the entire marriage two jobs until three years ago I gave my paychecks to him to take care of us and now that he has this job here he no longer needs me and my income he wants to live the single life. Any advice would be helpful lost and confused and emotional wreck.


The home is martial property. The fact that your name is not on the mortgage is irrelevant. Your husband cannot have you removed from the residence, and you may live there until either and agreement with respect to property is reached, or until the court distributes the marital property, and it may be, depending on the facts of your case, that you are awarded the home as a final distribution.

I suggest you meet with a lawyer in the immediate future to file an action against your spouse for the division of martial property, and spousal support.