Needing Help soon


I really could use some advice very soon.
I moved where I live now to live with my boyfriend… We went to pick out our Home together. We have lived here together from day one.
But everything is in his name we married 8 months after I moved in.
I have been a homemaker since I came here and have one child that is not his.
We have been married 3 years
I also lost everything to move here, sold my Home I was buying the works that how much I trusted this man.
He has moved out of the Home.
I am looking for a job and means to leave but where I live jobs are not very easy to come by.
Can he kick us out with no where to go?
I have not cheated or been a bad wife.
I have taken care of the Home and made sure he was taken care of also.
I did not know when I married him he was such an Alcoholic to the point he pulled a gun on me one night and the police made him leave the Home and give me his keys to the house.
He kept that very well hidden until after the marriage.
So can he kick me out?
Do I have any rights?
Also can he get divorce from bed and board to have us removed?