Here's my situation


also i’d like to add i have picture’s of the house as it is because reason i took these picture’s is our house is a disaster she doesn’t work and stay’s home all day playing on computer or reading a book.

we have 1 dog and 3 cat’s and have destroy’d our house using the restroom on the floor and what not. house is really unsanitary for me to really live in. My first thought of this was to clean it up but it’d go back to the way it was cuz she doesn’t want to clean the house one bit unless i cleaning it first.

sadly and formost i feel like more of a father to her then a husband cuz of the only thing i feel like its been is a father supporting his daughter thru life and taking care of her needs.

I have no money for a lawyer so i’m basically gonna try and do a do-it-yourself-divorce but i fear i must file for seperation papers to ensure she won’t get alimony [V][:(]


first off let me say thank you for reading what i’m about to type.

I’ve lived with my wife for 8 years now been married for almost 4 years’ and for almost 5 year’s i’ve tried to get her to be motivated in getting a job and helping me as well as her own self esteem issues

past couple of month’s now she has been talking and seeing a guy friend that she meet at a festival and claim’s he’s just a friend

countless time’s i’ve caught her doing stuff or saying stuff that isn’t right and i’ve documented just about all occasion’s.

I’ve no actuall pictures’ of the sexual bahavior of my wife and this fellow but i have document’s that written either from him or from her stating sexual behavior.

Is this enough evidence to where my wife can’t file for alimony on me if i file for an absolute divorce.

right now she basically told me that as long as i help her get on her feet and stuff (moving in her own place) that she won’t file for alimony. But i have this feeling that she won’t get a job and start supporting herself and will keep having me pay(kinda like black-mail) so she won’t go get alimony.

i’m going either tomorrow or next week to seek free consultation to local Divorce lawyer but i just wanted possibly to know whether or not she could still get alimony with stuff on paper i have.

Thank you again Amad