He's having a child with another woman


This is adultery and gives you grounds, if I’m correct, that ends the need for the physical separation. Again, if I’m correct, that makes it 90 days to finalize.


Is it adultry if we’re leagally separated?


I would wait for a response from one of the attorneys, I don’t believe you are getting accurate information.


Dear movingon:

Greetings. No, you cannot get divorced in NC without being separated one year and one day. There are no other grounds for divorce in NC (except for incurable insanity - which actually takes a 3 year legal separation and then you must also support your spouse generally for life). Thank you.

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We’ve been legally separated for almost 5 months. I have recently learned that his new girlfriend is pregnant. Would the courts possibly look at these circumstances and absolve our marriage before the 12 month waiting period is completed?