His lawyer can’t talk to me if I’m representing myself?

I paid a lawyer, per session, for several sessions before deciding that I would not be able to afford this lawyer to represent me in my divorce and would represent myself.

I attempted to call my STBX’s lawyer today to follow up on an issue that my previous lawyer had initially addressed. (Regarding a car title - the car is in my possession, the title in STBX’s name. It was supposed to be notarized & I was supposed to pick it up at his lawyer’s office.) His lawyer’s secretary stated that his lawyer could not talk to me and that I should have my lawyer call. I explained that I was now representing myself (I recently filed the complaint for divorce without legal representation). She hung up on me.

We will still have several property items to settle. I left this open on my complaint, stating “…subject to equitable distribution, which will be heard at a later date.”

Now that I’ve been hung up on, I’m wondering how I should proceed in making an equitable distribution proposal? Is his lawyer not allowed to correspond with me, even if I am representing myself?

Your lawyer needs to formally withdraw from the case before your ex’s lawyer will communicate with you.