Home purchase without consent of spouse

I am in the process of separating from my wife and I am in the process of purchasing a home for myself. I was recently informed by the closing attorney that my wife must either come to the closing or sign a free trader agreement or a quit claim deed. My wife (and her attorney) have refused to sign any agreement and has also refused to even begin to negotiate a separation agreement, therefore I am sure that she will not come to the closing. Is this law really true and if so, is there another work around or solution that will allow me to purchase a house. Please note that in the area that I must live in (to keep my children in the same school), the rental market is very difficult regarding finding affordable and quality rentals. Therefore, home purcase is a better long term option.

You need a Free Trader Agreement, or a properly executed separation agreement.

I have asked for a free trader agreement as well as a separation agreement, but my wife has refused both. Is my only option to rent?