Home school

My kids mother and myself have shared joint legal custody of our 3 kids. My kids have informed me that there mother is pulling 2 of them out of school next year and has decided to home school them. I do not think this is the best options for our kids education but there mother feels it doesnt matter what I think.
Is the only option I have to stop this from happening to take her to court or is there any other way or anything else I could do? Reasononing with her is null and void as she feels she can do whatever she wants.
thank you for any advice

If you can’t reach an out-of-court agreement on school, then you will have no choice but to file a motion to modify custody or a motion for contempt if she makes the decision unilaterally. You may be required to attend custody mediation in advance, and the mediatory may get her to come around on the home school issue.