Other parent taking children out of school


My ex-husband and I have joint custody. He is planning to take our children out of school against my consent to take them to Florida for a boat show the week after next. I don’t know how many days he’s planning to take them out because he won’t respond to my email or texts with requests to talk about it. I don’t agree with him doing this and have told him this. What recourse do I have?



It really depends on a couple things (1) are you operating under an agreement or an order and (2) what does the agreement/order say about the need to come to mutual agreement on legal decisions? If it doesn’t say anything, he has as much right to make a decision such as this as you do. If it says you must come to mutual agreement, and it is a court order, you can file a motion for contempt after he takes them out of school for failure to follow the order.