One filing a false report is a crime push for prosocution.
Go after her in civil court she has certainly damaged your reputation.

Two - “she did this to her first husband” - what made you think you would be any differant - people don’t change. Open your eyes get a good lawyer and rake her over the coals. At the very least she should be required to pay for the cost of the investigation that was triggered by her falsehoods.


I haven’t seen my little girl for 4 months by the time we get back into court this month. My wife after she left me went to dss and made a claim of sexual misconduct between my daughter ( 4 Years old ) and I. This was sick. we went through a full investigation including interviews by Alamance DSS, Forsyth County Sheriffs dept, Forinsic Phy. I even had to take a lie detector test which i passedwith no doubt. She has put me thru pure hell. And I don’t even want to think of what my daughter has been thru. I know I would just break down and cry. The investagation is over. Forsyth County DA said there was nothing to prosicute. Alamance DSS Closed the case. To have the temp visatation suspended she lied on the stand. She has a history of this kind of lies with her First husband. She called DSS 3 times on him for abuse on there son. All cases were unfounded.She said on the stand in our case that it was only one time. She still thinks this is ok. Even after one of the recomindations from DSS was for her to have a Phys. Evaluation. Well there is alot more to this and my question is. What recourse do I have to make sure she does not do this again. We go back to court the week of the 17th of July. I have been under alot of stress because of this. The Lord has kept me strong. Can I or Should I take her to court. Should I push the Perjury Charge.
My heart is broken. I never thought she would do something like this. I always thought she was telling the truth when she talked about her EX. She would say that the only reason he got off of it was because he was an Attorny in Durham. He has sence told me he wanted to warn me. I just would not listen. I loved her. What do I do? What can I do?