House Payments


My husband & I just recently seperated (3 weeks ago). He left (not mutual) & said that I could keep the house. He also said that he would file for seperation, which he is in the process of doing. The problem is we have a 1st & 2nd mortage on the house. Is there any way to get him to pay 1/2 or part of both mortages? I can afford both mortages, but it causes my money to be very tight, while he is living in his fathers rental place & barely pays nothing. Help Please!!!


You may file suit for equitable distribution, alimony and post-separation support (if you are the dependant spouse) You may seek support payments from your husband if you are entitled to spousal support. Normally the court will have a hearing on the issue of post separation support within a month or two after suit is commenced.

If you are not a dependant spouse and not entitled to support, you may make a motion for interim allocation of debt and seek assistance on the martial debt service.