My wife recently decided not to be married anymore. I intercepted a phone call from a ‘friend’ which happens to be male, and they were discussing ‘when’ she was going to let me know the news. I am a truck driver, which requires me to be away from the house for 2 to 3 weeks at a time, and i was scheduled to go back on the road after New Years. (she decided to end the marriage 2 days after Christmas). When I overheard this conversation, I decided it best at the time to go back to work and figure things out. My question is, am “I” the one that needs to leave the house with my possessions or is she the one that should find other housing? Seems to me, if I am not the one leaving the marriage, then I shouldn’t have to leave everything else I have in my life. I sure would appreciate some guidance in this issue, because it is really keeping me up at nights. Thank you.


You both have equal access to the marital home. You’ll have to work out who will leave between yourselves.