How can this be contempt?

In the Orders in my mother’s case, both parties were enjoined to not spend assets without consent of opposing attorneys. After a deposition, my mother’s husband signed some assets over to her. We have the papers verifying that the assets have been transferred with his signature attached therein. Prior to the deposition, my sister, the attorney in fact, removed his name from the account to prevent him from spending any more of the assets because he has depleted several accounts against the Orders with NOTHING done. The funds are still in the account that he “transferred” over, but his name isn’t on the account. We just received notice of a contempt of court after the fact. How can his attorney file a contempt motion in this instance? His client signed the funds over voluntarily and the funds are still intact! How on earth is this a contempt of court??? Thanks.

The Order prohibited the transfer absent the attorney’s consent. If the attorney on the other side did not consent to the transfer it was in violation of the Order.