How could this have happened? Attorney please answer


Last Friday we went to court to proceed for DNA. I sat there all morning. Our case is called up and his attorney is there, but no sight of him. His attorney pulls the CS people to her. She is talking to them while showing them stuff in this book. They call me outside and tell me this…

His attorney has informed us that if we go with the DNA that he would be up for court marshall in the USMC. They are willing to pay monthly support up to Dec and then DNA can be done. I told them NO because I want the DNA done. The Dr is wanting him to take a test to check for a blood disorder that he carries. Childsuport says to me that if we request DNA and it is proven through the courts that he is the father (at which he is) then he wouldn’t get his retirement and I wouldn’t get support. I told them I didn’t care about his career/retirement that I only cared about my daughter. They said hold on.

They went back to his attorney. Came back to me and said this.

Okay, we need to make sure we have your current address, he is going to send you a check each month to your home. He is going to do the blood work, but you have to send us the information so we can pass it off to his attorney. If he doesn’t do the blood work then we are going to have the DNA done.

Okay I"m very confused and I don’t understand what happened. Why would a man who tells so many people, especially his bosses in the USMC that she isn’t his daughter, but he is going to pay so much money in support? I know 100% he is the father and so does he. Why can’t he get off his butt and just do the test? I don’t think his career has anything to do with it. I think it has to do with his pride.

Did I make a big mistake about this? Now do I have to get an attorney to get custody since he is starting to pay support? Does this mean he can take her away from me if he feels like it? I also would like to know this. The Child Support Officer said that they can’t have it go through them because they still haven’t gotten the DNA. Please help me understand what is going on and what I can do?

Thank you


The attorney has not been on since you posted this prior. I know it’s hard to be wait but I just wanted to say I didnt think you were being passed over. Sometimes it can take a few days for a response.