How do I file for the papers!


Hi, I am trying to file for a divorce in Cabarrus County NC & I do not know what order the forms go in & if I have every form that I need to obtain divorce. I have the Domestic civil action cover sheet, Verification, Complaint, Judgment & Civil Summons. All of the forms are filled out and complete and the verification form has already been notarized. Also, I do not know how to do the civil summons sheet; do you file that in with the divorce packet at the clerk of court & take a seperate copy to sheriffs office; or do you have to summons before you even file the paperwork? Can someone please help me I do not have the money for a lawyer.



You have all of the forms necessary to file. You will need to submit the Domestic Civil Action Coversheet, file the Complaint, and submit the civil summons (with the party names, addresses filled in) to the clerk and he or she will fill in the appropriate blanks to issue the summons.
Take one original and two copies of the complaint and summons to the clerk. He or she will file the documents and return two copies to you. You will keep one and serve the other on your ex via certified mail or sheriff’s service.
Once your ex is served he will have 30 days to respond and after that time period passes you will need to contact the clerk’s office to get a date for hearing. Once given a date you need to fill out a Notice of Hearing, send it to your ex and appear on the appointed date with the judgment to present to the judge.