What divorce papers go where


I am filing for divorce by myself. I brought a divorce kit online and have all the forms I need : complaint, verification, affidavit of service, civil summons, civil action cover sheet,notice of hearing,judgement, and affidavit of service. I just dont know what to do next. Do I take all the papers to the court house, if so what order do they go in. Also, do I send a copy of the complaint and summons to my spouse before or after I go to the court house?


The first step is to file the complaint and verification, along with the civil summons and a domestice civl action coversheet. You will file this at the clerk’s office. Next your ex will be served with filed copies of the documents either by sheriff or certified mail. You will file an affidavit of service to verifty the date.
30 days after service you may contact the clerk for a hearing date, fill in the notice of hearing and mail it to your ex. Bring the judgement with you to the hearing for the judge to fill out.


First thank you for helping. I just have a few more questions. When I file the complaint and verification, along with the civil summons and domestice action coversheet, do I only need one copy of it? Does the clerk file the affidavit of service or do I; I mean do I send the coversheet and civil summons to my spouse or the clerk? When at the court house do I need to ask for a notice of assignment card? Also, my last question, do I need a cerificate of absolute divorce? Someone told me I did. Once again thank you for your help.


You will need one original and two copies of the Complaint, verification and Summons. The clerk will return two file stamped copies of each to you (the original remains in the court file). Once copy of each is for you to file, and the other is to be served on your ex. You only need one Civil Action Cover Sheet, and that will remain in the file.

You will file the affidavit of service (original in the file, and a copy for you and one to send your ex) once you have served your ex. The affidavit is proof of service, and is not filed until you show service was effectuated.

If your case is for divorce only you do not need a judicial assignment.

The certificate of absolute divorce is filed out by the judge at the final hearing. You should bring one with you then.