Do it yourself general questions

I have a few questions about the paperwork. I am unemployed and living in Davidson county so i appreciate the help in advance:

  1. Do I need a copy of my notorized Separation Agreement?

  2. Do i need a copy of my child support agreement? It was finalized before a judge this past Friday.

  3. Do I take the three copies of the Civil Summons(one white original, two in yellow) that i have filled out and the clerk will fill out his/her part on all three, or will i take the white copy and receive the two yellow copies filled out by the clerk?

  4. Do I take the summons to the post office after completion for certified mail?

  5. I know i receive the green card and fill out the affadavit of service, but then i return to the clerk to file these? it appears several trips to the clerk are in order.

  6. Your directions say “After all of the above mentioned forms are filled out and put together in the correct order, take them to your county’s civil courthouse and file them with the Clerk of Superior Court.” Does that include the Notice of Hearing and the Judgment forms? those hinge on the clerk’s dates, correct?

I am assuming you are asking these questions in the context of filing your absolute divorce complaint.

You do not need a copy of your separation agreement of child support agreement in order to obtain your divorce.

Take three copies of the summons to the clerk (one white, two yellow).

The summons and the complaint should be mailed via certified mail to the defendant.

Proof of service does need to be filed with the clerk. This can be done via return trip to the courthouse, or you may mail it to the clerk’s office for filing.

The notice of hearing is also filed and served once the clerk gives you a date to fill in. The judgement should be taken to court on the date of the hearing for the judge to sign. It will then be filed with the clerk in the courtroom.