Serve a copy of your written answer to the complaint


I knew the divorce papers were coming, so not a surprise there. However, I am surprised that there are not enough steps spelled out as to what I need to do next.

I received the following:

 1. Complaint for Absolute Divorce, which seems to not ask for anything except for the divorce and "Such other relief to Plaintiff as is just and proper".

 2. Verification

 3. Certificate of Service

 4. Civil Summons, which states, "Serve a copy of your written answer to the complaint..."

So, my questions are this:

 A. Is it standard for the defendant to not receive the "Domestic Civil Action Cover Sheet"? Maybe my spouse is asking for more and it is listed in there.
 B. Can I get a copy of this from the county courthouse?
 C. What do I do next? I do not want anything from my spouse, so what would constitute a "written answer?"

Thank you in advance!


The Domestic Civil action coversheet remains in the file and is not served on the defendant, you may get a copy of the same from the clerk. If you agree with the allegations in the complaint ( residency, date of marriage, date of separation, ect.) it is not necessary to file an answer, and the divorce will proceed.