How do separate X-domestic partners establish support, etc

This site seems to apply more toward truly divorced families with children - what are the parameters for a father to set up support in a separation? We have been advised it only covers and applies to the the care of the dependent child, not the mother. He already maintains insurance etc and has provided for food etc. for child. How is cost of housing covered - if at all - if the couple was never married? How is the schedule for child visitation and time set up? If there are differences of opinion, how or who helps handle this? And what if there are grievances? And how does the father have a different path to securing custody of the child? This is in the state of North Carolina.

You don’t have a claim for spousal support if you were never married. You do have a claim for child support, however. To get an idea of what the child support obligation might be in your case, use our child support calculator.

There are two paths you can take to resolving custody and child support. You can negotiate outside of court and enter into an agreement, or you can file a lawsuit for child custody and child support and go through the court to get an order on custody and child support.