How is PSS and Alimony Calculated?


It seems like a simple question, but it’s hard to find a simple answer. I am filing a claim for Post Separation Support, and at a later date Alimony. I am the dependant spouse, having been laid off from my job in the IT industry, while my wife continues on as a nurse. My only means of income currently is unemployment benefits amounting to about $8900/yr, while her salary is in excess of $52,000/yr. How is a reasonable support payment calculated?

Not sure if it makes a difference. but I am in Union county.



Support is based on the shortfall of the dependant spouse (income- reasonable needs) an the ability of the supporting spouse to contributed (income- reasonable needs). There is no calculator or formula to determine the amount of spousal support as there is for child support.


Thank you again for your help Erin :slight_smile:



You are most welcome.