How much can I expect a separation agreement to cost?

Due to abandonment and alienation of affection, I am moving out after 20 years of marriage. I must separate myself for the sake of my health, both physical and emotional. There are no plans to pursue divorce at this point. There are no child custody or support issues. I am not interested in alimony at this point, but if circumstances change I may be, so that may need to be addressed for future. I am hoping for a reconciliation, though not likely. If not, I would like to sell our home, which he will agree to.

The thought of doing my own separation agreement and having it notarized has crossed my mind, but I am not sure how to go about it. If I decide to seek out an attorney to draw up the agreement, how much can I expect to pay? Money is a huge issue for me. I have been out of work for 8 months and will finally be starting a job soon. The issue of our incomes vs. expenses will also need to be addressed.

Thanks for any advice.

Just goggle “sample separation agreement” until you find the one that suits your needs.

Rosen Online will cost you $199 a month. If you use the service (like I did) You will benefit yourself with the forms you will need, advice from an attorney after you submit your questions (dont expect an answer in 5 min or an hour) and this service will help you draft a good separation agreement that should cost you …

  1. Rosen Online Service @ $199 a month
  2. Filing fees at the court once you and spouse agree & sign & notorize the agreement, (I cannot determine that, you will have to find out the costs)
  3. Your costs to move,
  4. Something to consider - SOME attorneys offer a “free consultation” however in town you will receive limited information (lots of pauses and they look like they are having problems “reading”, eyes squint, then read , then sit back in the chair and gaff off the rest of your papers - after speed reading them with great squinting difficulty) what you handed them- dont expect an hour of conversation matter of fact expect about 15 min, Other attorneys have a consultation fee ($100-$150), you get 30-60 min to ask a bunch of questions, actual eye contact and some legitamate degree of making you feel comfortable; they answer a bunch of things in limited detail, and then drop the retainer fee on you (your head will swell and your eyes widen and you will feel slightly sick- this does not count the long walk back to your vehicle after the consultation and everything around you is grey ), and NO FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS a few days later that you “meant to ask” … So write it down!
    If you and your husband agree and all is well, you can “shop” around and ask how much for a sep agreement so all the i’s are dotted & t’s crossed… In all between $500- $1000 if you both agree and sign.