How much more do I have to take

Do I have any say so at all in a separation? My husband who has moved to another state with his girlfriend to live now has added her to OUR family’s auto insurance policy and SHE is driving a new car!! What bothers me is he gives me NO money…the only money I get is from what we divided from our tax return. We get money from 2 rental properties that I do not see that he uses to pay the bills for those properties. He is unemployed and gets an unemployment check each week…and each month he gets money that is being repaid from a loan that he gave to the company that he use to work for. Due to the economy I am only working 20 hrs a week right now so I bring home less than $200 a week and he expects me to pay all the bills for the home that we own together. What gives with this…I feel he is living high on the hog on the coast of somewhere beautiful (and I know the rent there is not cheap) and I am trying to keep my house in order. Do I have any rights? I told him that I feel that all money should go into a joint bank account and the bills paid from that account. I have had enough! What can I do until we get our separation agreement in order?
Thank you!

If he is not willing to work towards a settlement you should file a lawsuit for Equitable Distribution to have the courts divide your assets and debts.

Yeah but once you file the lawsuit, he has 30 days to answer and then the court date is set. He can also file for a 30 day extension to answer and it will be granted. Believe me, this crap is being dragged out by my soon to be ex husband and it’s frustrating as HELL right now. Just know that unfortunately it won’t be done overnight.