How to keep it out of the courts?

I’ve seen my attorny about filing for a change in schedule. My ex-husband and I currently have 50/50 shared time. However, due to the girls having multiple tardies and absences on his part I’m requesting that they are only with him every other weekend when school is in session.

Now, I know there will be a huge argument on his part, and he will flip over the change in child support. I have come up with a few solutions to make it easier on him.

My question is this…
I’ve read a little about mediation. Is there a way to go through something like a mediation to keep the cost low and out of court? Does this require an agreement from both parties? What if he wants to fight it out in court and I’d like a more civil discussion. I’m in no position to start a costly case here, and I’m sure he does not want to spend an arm and a leg considering his child support may go up once this is over. I’m ready to hand over my retainer to the lawer, I’m just want to be prepared for what I’m about to unleash. What are my options?

Yes, in many counties mediation is provided by the county and is free of charge. Mediation is an attempt by both parties to reach an agreement, but does not involve a judge, an if no agreement is reached, the case proceeds to trial.