How to send ceritified mail outside the U.S


Service of Process in a foreign country will be proper if the means used is reasonably calculated to give notice. Such notice would be acceptable in the manner prescribed by the law of the foreign country for service in that country in an action in any of its courts of general jurisdiction. Also, delivery to the individual personally with an affidavit that they received the specific documents, signed and dated. Finally, any form of mail requiring a signed receipt, to be addressed and dispatched by the clerk of the court to the party to be served.

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You can use DHL/FedEx/UPS to serve also. I used DHL and it was accepted by the court.

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My wife resides in the Philippines, I checked with the post office and there is no Certified mail to the Philippines, could I use Registered mail instead?

The post office also had recorded mail and this is what it states, “Recorded delivery is the international service equivalent of domestic certified mail.” but the Philippines is not one of the countries listed for this service.