Husband going against court order

my husband was ordered to keep my medical insurance. He cancelled it the day our divorce was final. There was nothing written that he can do this, only to keep my medical insurance. Can he do this? Nobody informed me that I was being taken off the insurance and it is too late to get Cobra insurance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

What specifically does the Order say? Often times spouses are ordered to maintain health insurance through entry of divorce. The reason for this time limit is that your ex cannot maintain you on his insurance plan after divorce, as you are no longer related.

He owns a business and the order simply said to provide medical coverage. The option for cobra runs out in 2 days. I just found this out yesterday, so cobra probably isn’t an option at this time. He had kept an ex employee on the medical coverage a couple of years ago after she quit. This was not cobra to my knowledge. Isn’t this negotiable in the divorce process. We have not gotten through the ED process or anything else yet. I had planned to ask for medical coverage by him

The order should list a time period for which he is liable to provide your coverage, it is doesn’t specify a time period the obligation will likely be interpreted to end upon divorce (not the completion of ED).

There was nothing written as to when he was to stop paying for insurance. My atty did get him to pay for my medical insurance because there was nothing stated as to how long he has to pay. Just an fyi. Good for me!