Husband will not work


husband had his own masonry business for years. Urged wife of 3 years to get a job and then quit working. Thinks the world is ending and sits all day, every day listening to a controversial TV preacher on internet or tv. Sees himself as a Bible scholar now. Has turned down numerous jobs. Wife had enough of the doom and gloom and his refusal to work. He paid house payments by selling off his construction equipment. They have no children together, his and her children were grown prior to them marrying. She has urged him to take the offered jobs, he refuses. He wants her to continue paying his tv, internet and phones and has threatened that he wants spousal support. Can he be awarded support when he has turned down work and continues to do so? Both are in their 50’s. Wife’s company (no degree) is moving and her job will end in the next few months. She has numerous health issues and he has told her not to go to Dr. as it would cost money (money he wants to sit around and buy this tv ‘preacher’s’ books and tapes).


She should cut him off from her finances, and stop paying the cable bill. Maybe that will convince him to go find a job.


my thoughts exactly. If she pays now that she’s left him, it will show her willingness to do so and if she doesn’t and he is forced to get work to pay, it will show he is indeed able, true? I believe I read that when considering awarding spousal support, the judge takes into consideration the ability, capability of working. I would think this applies.