Husband won't file

My husband and I have been separated since November, he moved in with his parents, I moved out in February. He demanded a divorce back in November and said he would file. We agreed to a separation date of 1/1/2012.
He refuses to speak to me, I have no idea if he is cheating (is it still considered cheating if we’re separated…?).
I have tried email, text, then phone. He says talking to me makes him feel bad/guilty whatever and he doesn’t answer the phone etc and that I am only allowed to talk to him in an emergency. I haven’t cheated and we haven’t had sex in two years.
He still hasn’t filed divorce. Based on his history, he probably won’t unless me or his mom do it for him.
We don’t have kids. I have already moved out and he left me first. We have no more property to separate. How much would a simple divorce cost in our case?

The filing fee in North Carolina for a divorce proceeding is $225. You also have to pay to have him served which can vary depending on the means used.