I can't serve him

I’ve been separated a year and 2 months. STBX was kicked out the house so papers can’t be mailed. (The lawyer sent them and they were returned) He claims he does not have an address. He isn’t getting the children so serving him then isn’t an option. The lawyer sent him the papers where he could waive the 30 days; however he doesn’t have an ID. What can I do?

You may attempt to have him served by sheriff at his place of work, also the sheriff can effectuate service by contacting him via telephone.

He is self employed.

Attempt to have the sheriff serve him by telephone.

What is the process of him being served by sheriff via telephone?

Pay the service fee, and let the sheriff’s office know his phone number.

Thanks! How much is the service fee?


The lawyer is claiming the sheriff can’t serve a summons and complaint via telephone. Where can I tell her to look?

In NC this can be done pursuant NCRCP.

I’m having so many issues with my attorney. Is there a number I can call or can I call the sheriff directly, because the attorney is saying it can’t be done.

Check your local directory.