I want money owed to me


Ok here is the deal…Lawyers will not help me in my situation. I can see as many FREE consults and still I need to go to court and have the judge get me the partial retirement, Alimony (if the judge feels to do so) and child support. Can I myself do that?? I want my husband to stop having the money that is owed to me and the kids so we can get on with “our” lives…It is not FAIR when the kids and I have not done nothing to him for him to withhold money. He has so far told me to get out of the house, and to quit living off his income, and to let the welfare system support his family now. Come on enough is enough this jerk does not deserve what he is taking from the kids and I anymore…He knows I can save money and that the kids and I were trained thru the military to carry on without him for all the times he had to go oversea’s and floats 6 months at a time. And now rent will be due today as it is the first of the month. What can I expect from that too???
Left in the dark.