Divorce help no money

Almost a year ago, my husband just stopped coming home for 2 weeks. He was playing in a band out of town and had all kinds of excuses, bad weather, band activities, etc. I became suspicious and started looking at phone records. I found out he had been talking, texting, with another woman, daily. Everyday, all day, during his lunch hour and when I was working. He let her take my place. The only time there wasn’t contact between them was when he had band practices or stayed there for the weekend. After him not coming home those two weeks I got tired of wondering so I followed him. I found him staying at her house and when I knocked on the door, he was in the shower. He was very angry I looked for him and claimed he wasn’t cheating, she was a friend. A week later I was finding pictures of them together on facebook. He was coming to our house starting fights with me which led to me changing the locks and getting a restraining order.
Since then, he’s left me with all of our bills, in our house with all of our responsibilities. I’ve struggled alot to deal as then I was only working part time and eventually ended up out of work. I am just now starting a new job. I know technically what he did is considered abandonment, I also have a good amount of proof of him cheating on me. I’m struggling to stay in our house, but can’t afford to move. I have a son who has special needs (his step-son). I have a personal loan in my name that we used to consolidate our credit card debt, but he won’t help pay it and I can’t afford it alone.
What are my options in regards to getting his help with the bills, alimony and the house? Also our vehicles are in both our names and I have to keep tracking down my bills because they keep being sent to his girlfriend’s house…but he won’t sign the title to get it transferred. We don’t talk at all, by civil order our contact is limited and he is very hostile towards me. Also because of what he did, I have very little money.

You need to file a law suit for the distribution of property (and debts) and for spousal support and attorney’s fees. My advice is that you meet with an attorney in your area as soon as possible to create a plan of action and get an order for support in the immediate support.

When this all started and I did get an attorney involved starting with the restraining order, He would not pursue the order and spousal support at the same time because he said I didn’t have enough money. After dragging feet by him and my husband in court for several months, I ended up out several thousand dollars and no order of support which wiped me out, putting me behind on our mortgage. Shortly after when I had decided to pursue support, my husband had lost his job and had no money to give. However I am fairly certain he is currently working. Also I want to go for attorney fees as well but wouldn’t I still need to have money to pay a lawyer up front? And regarding the distribution of property, will I be able to stay in my house or have to sell? My family loves our home and I would hate to make my son move.

You may need to pay the lawyer something up front. I cannot say whether or not you will be forced to sell the home, it depends many factors such as on the overall distribution of property and the amount of support you are awarded.