me and my husband have been together for 23 yrs but have only been married for 7 yrs, 2 months ago my husband left me and moved in with a woman that he had been seeing for a month prior to leavin I HAD NO IDEA,this is the same woman he had an affair with before we got married . he was still telling me he loved me and spending time at home as much as usual. we have a 16 yr old son still livin at home . i have never had to work unless i wanted to,i decided to take a job working for a friend 5 yrs ago and stayed on that job for 4 yrs .in 2009 i had to have 2 different surgerys on my neck and throat and was out of work for about 2 months . after being back to work about 2 weeks some things happened with the owner and her husband and i didnt want to work in a stressful situtation anymore so i talked to my husband and with his consent i quit the job. i have been unable to find another job at this time and our finances have been really bad. he has been giving me money to pay the bills for the last 2 months because the mobil home we live in is in his name and he let me and my son stay here he said he wasnt gonna make us leave and he also pays the lot rent it sits on, he pays all the bills he knew when he left i had no job and no luck in finding one. Now his new girlfriend is telling him he doesnt have to pay anything so as of today 06/11/2010 i no longer get the money he was givin me soooooo
what my questions are is
i know i can get child support
but can i get alimony until i can get a job and on my feet
and can i sue him for adultery and abandonment
can i also sue her for alienation of affection i have no kind of proof that it was going on only what he told me after our daughter confronted him the day he left
he is still coming over here tellin me he loves and he misses me and wants to come home, he also goes to our friends and does the same thing .i wont let him come back because i was told that she had herpes
can he also be made to pay for my attorney because like i said i have nothing

can anyone tell me what i need to do and can do THANK YOU for any advice

You do have a claim for alimony and should file an action with the court to pursue it. You will also want to file a claim for equitable distribution of property, child custody, child support and attorney’s fees.

The affair will bolster your alimony claim, and you may also allege abandonment in your complaint.

Based on the facts you list you may also sue the girlfriend for alienation of affection.

I would advise you to meet with an attorney in your area as soon as possible to get the ball rolling on your case.