My husband admitted having an affair for 1 yr. with a young woman at work, while working out of the country. He told me after coming to work in our home state of NC and said he wanted to work on our marriage. He still works 4 hrs. away from our home and after 6 counseling sessions said he was done. We’ve been together 25 yrs. and have known each other since childhood. We have 2 teenage sons that are devastated by this-there was no indication we were having any problems, it caught the 3 of us by total surprise. We, including both of our families that were very close, thought we would be together forever.
We have moved 17 times in 25 yrs. due to my husbands job and I have been a stay at home mom, but worked part-time wherever we moved along with volunteering at the boys schools. I know I have a part in the demise of our marriage because we obviously didn’t communicate well, but I am having a difficult time getting past what he has done and how easily he lied about it for over a year. I’ve tried to be fair in working on a separation agreement, asking for 7 yrs. of alimony and the house, 50/50 for college for the boys and health ins for me for 7 yrs until I could get through school and get on my feet. I started working full-time immediately after he left us in Feb 2011. I make about $20,000/yr and he makes $250,000/yr. But I cannot continue working and go to school full time. He came back with no ins. for me and no 50/50 for college- He barely sees our boys, every other weekend for about 24 hrs. I was furious when I got his response to the sep. agreement. I had a suspicion that he moved his girlfriend here to NC from Canada where he worked with her. I hired a detective and now have photos, video and proof that they are living together- he would not tell me where he was living. So now I know without a doubt that he is completely done with me + maybe even his boys. Sorry for this lengthy post, I am getting to my question, honestly. I have now served them each with a lawsuit- him for the infidelity and her for Alienation of Affection. They have not responded to either of them, to me or to my lawyer. I believe they have 30 days to respond. I am wondering what their lawyers have instructed them to do? Probably not say anything, but I just wondered if they are going to be trying to get any dirt on me, or try to take my boys away? I am on anti depressants and have been for years, I am not suicidal and I have character references who will testify that I am a good mother and always have been. I am just wondering what to expect back from them. Any thoughts?

I cannot say what their lawyers have advised them to do- but you can expect an answer to your lawsuits within 30 days of service.