Prior affair and controlling behavior

My husband had an affair 3 years ago that lasted for 2 years with a coworker and after he begged for my forgiveness I gave him another chance. Big mistake on my part. He has continued to become more controlling to the point that I can’t even stay up late with my teenagers on the weekend. He makes me come to bed. Also I wait on him hand and foot and he NEVER does anything for me, he won’t even bring me a cup of coffee. He thinks he too good to help around the house and makes demands on me daily even from out of town He has no respect for me at all
I have 2 teenage children ages 15 and 18. 18 yo will be starting college in afew weeks.
My husband is the most selfish person I have ever met. I stayed home and sacrificed my career and helped him succeed in his career. He gives me no credit. He has been physically abusive by grabbing my upper arm and squeezing leaving fingerprint bruises.
I need to get out of this marriage but have no money or resources. He has ruined our credit His name alone is on checking and savings account. He has a 10,000 cd that he says is from his mothers estate however we have used all our savings just to keep that intact. He has also inherented 20 acres of land. My name is on the deed however. He also uses pornography daily, movies, magazines and probably Internet activity.
Am I intitled to the inherited property and 10,000 cd?
Can I still use the affair to file for the divorse since I still can not trust him nor forgivehave n him ESP since he doesn’t seem to care?
Can I sue and win for alimony? He makes 120,000 annually and I am currently on unemployment and make 400 weekly. How soon would payments start?
Will my 18 yo count for child support payments while he is in college
Will I be allowed to move to another state? He works in SC but we live in NC. He opened all of his accounts in SC. We have a local branch of the bank in NC.
Thank you so much for any help.

These sound like legal issues. I’d suggest you repost this in the “Legal Issues - ATTORNEYS WILL RESPOND” forum on this same site. I’ve gotten excellent responses every time I have done so, and an attorney usually responds with a day.

I would post in the other forum, but is those assets were inherited he will probably keep them. If he is unwilling to move out you would have to find the money to move out somehow and then seek alimony and child support for the 15yr old. No one has obligation for a 18yr old adult. Your going to be a big disadvange to find money to move out and for an attorney. Maybe there are local women’s organizations that can help.