Affair 3 years ago / all money in his name only


I have been married for 21 years and have an 18 yo that will be attending college and a 14yo that is excelling in high school. I gave up my career to raise the children and support my husband. I worked part time and full time for short periods but my husband was not supportive and my having a decent career was not a possibilty He has became successful in his career. He is very controlling and I have no freedom. He had an affair 3 years ago. It was a coworker and they had a three year relationship. I kicked him out and was seeking legal advise and unfortunately let him back because he begged me and said he was sorry ect ect.

Can I still use the affair for my divorse? ( he has NEVER helped me with domestic chores and I have to wait on him hand and foot. Bring him drinks, bring or make him snacks on demand and any other menial tasks, he never picks up after himself )

Can I use the emotional and physical abuse? ( he grabs my upper arms and squeezes as hard as he can. It leaves fingerprint bruises and arms hurt for days. He has done this several times the last few years)

Do I have a right to the bank account, 401k, and a CD that he says is his inheritance from his mother,however we have depleted our savings to keep the CD intact.

He also inherited 20 acres of land from his mother and my name is included on the deed. Am I able to receive anything for it in a divorse?

He is lying again, I have found texts on his phone. Can I use this

I would like alimony plus child support. I would like him to buy out my part of our house.

I need help now. I can’t live with this abuse any longer. How much are the fees for representation?

I am currently seeing a counselor. I have begged him to go to marriage counseling but he adamantly refuses. Inam afraid of him. I need some type of help on how to leave this situation with my children. I have no family. My name is not on our checking or savings account. He opened it in SC where he works and he "didn’t think about " including my name. He says he will but he hasn’t yet and its been months.

I need legal advise. Please advise on how you can help me and what I am intitled to


You are entitled to spousal support and child support. His adultery can be used to bolster your claim for alimony so long as you did not forgive him for such behavior. Evidence of emotional and physical abuse can also be used to further bolster your claim for support.

If the CD is his inheritance, it is not marital property and therefore is not divisible. However you are entitled to half of the martial portion of the 401(k), half the equity in the martial home, and any other accounts that were acquired by you or your spouse during the marriage (and not by devise or bequest from his family).

If your name is on the deed to the 20 acres, the same should be considered martial property as it will be considered as having been gifted to the both of you.

Text messages which are relevant to your claims are admissible in court.

Please contact our client liaison to schedule a consultation. The attorney you meet with will be able to give you a clear picture of what you can expect your legal fees to be, and you may also be entitled to have your husband pay for a portion of your legal fees.