Income verification for Child Support

Of course you are entitled to see the information. You are not entitled to see the actual documents; the judge looked at them, I’m assuming, and entered the numbers accordingly. Judges don’t skew numbers. As for moving, that was your doing, so why should your ex have to pay for a decision you made? If it was a matter of utmost necessity–for example, you’re a copper miner and the copper mines in NC have all shut down, the nearest one with a job is Kentucky, and copper mining is all you know how to do–then maybe you have a compelling reason.

You are entitled to the information about income, child care expenses, and also health insurance premium information. You would not necessarily be able to obtain these documents for review (unless this was part of a disputed matter) your attorney would certainly be asking for this information. If your spouse is working with child support enforcement, contact her enforcement worker to discuss this matter. In any event, you may file a motion to modify or review the relevant data mentioned above. Good luck.

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I recently had to attend court to review child support. My question is…am I privileged to see ex’s income (income tax return, paystubs), along with daycare and insurance expenses if my ex is claiming them?? Also since I have moved out of state can I claim children’s airfare expenses as extraordinary expenses? Please advise.