Information on my final divorce judgment is wrong

After looking line by line on my final divorce judgment their are many mistakes on there.
It has me as the Plaintiff when she was the one who filed. The date of file is wrong. It states I reside in Rowan County NC when I do not. That the costs of this action are taxed to the Plaintiff.

Is this judgment legal then at all or should it be corrected? To my knowledge my attorney Mr. Sherrill is the one who drafted this.

What shall I do?

If your attorney drafted the judgement, these questions need to be directed to him specifically. The caption will mirror the caption in your other divorce related matters. For instance, if you were the plaintiff in a custody/child support/alimony/ED action, even if you are not the moving party in the absolute divorce, the caption will be the same and you would still be the plaintiff.

I was not the plaintiff in the child custody order. All the papers until now showed she was the plaintiff and now the divorce judgment shows me as plaintiff. Is it worth trying to get a hold of my attorney for it?

If you paid your attorney to draft that order and there are mistakes, I would definitely reach out the attorney to see what happened and hold him or her accountable. The attorney can also advise on what steps to take to fix the judgment, and even if you should take measures to correct the judgement. If you have not been prejudiced at all by the order, then you may not want to address it at all.