Insurance Check - Insurable Interest


We signed a Court Order agreeing on disposition of marital assets on 9/23. It was entered w/the Court on this same date. The Order states that I get the land and home in question here.

I had an insurance policy in both of our names. The policy is renewed every 6 months. I had not taken her name off the policy and had a claim against the policy on 11/2. I received the check yesterday and it is in both of our names. I expect that either she will NOT sign the check or will want half the money which I don’t believe she is entitled to. I have sent her the Quitclaim Deeds on the property and she has yet to sign those either.

What can I do to have the check made payable only to me or any other advice?



If your spouse refuses to endorse the check you may file a motion for judicial assistance, and additionally a motion for contempt to have her sign the deeds.