Car insurance- post divorce

The rules of each insurance company are different, so I cannot tell you why they will not just remove her. However, if the issue is merely that the refund check will come in both names if you do cancel you have two options. Cancel it and get the check in both names, see if you can resolve the issues. If not you may have a legal recourse because the language of the Agreement probably does not entitle her to receive half the money. Find out how much the refund really is, is it going to cost you more to keep her on the insurance until the renewal period than it would to cancel it and potentially split the money.

I do not practice insurance law, however if she is a named insured under your policy, she will be able to file a claim under that policy.

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Greetings. I have been divorced since September 2006 and was required to cover my wife then ex-wife’s insurance on the vehicle she was driving until the vehicle was paid off - based on our sep agreement. I paid the vehicle off recently and signed the title over to her last week. I canceled the car insurance for that vehicle today but i cannot get her name off of the policy. My agent tells me that i will need to wait until my renewal comes up in a few months and cancel the policy then start a new one, reason being, is that if we cancel now, there will be a refund and BOTH of us will need to sign the refund check in order to cash it. Now, I paid 100% of the premiums so she deserves none of this. There is no way she will sign this. She only signs things that benefit her. She won’t be on as a driver but will be on as listed owner. My questions:

  1. can she file a claim against my insurance somehow??? Even though her car is off?

  2. do you think this is dragging my rates down?

  3. what negative impacts would this have on me??

  4. why can’t thye just remove her?