Insurance coverage

My question is dealing with insurance. My husband has primary custoday of his son now 13. He carried insurance coverage on him thru BCBS. Will visiting his mother for her weekend visitation , my stepson hurt his hand Sunday evening. His mother and step father are separtated now. He was taken to the ER by his stepfather who didn’t have a copy of the insurace card for BCBS. His mother could not be reached at the time due to her spending time with a new boyfriend. My stepson called me for the insurance card. When I arrived at the hospital – I presented BCBS card to registration and then they asked me for a copy of another insurance card which I knew nothing about. Found out from the stepfather that he is covered by insurance thru the VA and must have for quiet some time now. We have never been made aware of this coverage by the secondary insurance. This insurance is thru his stepfather. Should we have been made aware of this coverage? And if so, can it be used as secondary insurance when my husband or I have to take him to the dr. or ER or can it be used only when visiting mom/stepfater. Mom and step father have been separated and are seeking a divorce. Can he be covered after the Divorce? I assume he can’t.

The step father had no obligation to provide secondary insurance, however now sine the child is covered the insurance can and should be used to defray costs. The child will no longer be covered after his mother divorces the stepfather.

should my husband been made aware of this insurance when he got primary custody of son in feb? We have no clue as to how long he has had this coverage. Can it be used when he is with his dad or since it is thru stepfather be used only when he is in the secondary custody of mom/stepfather? We figured that he has had it for some time and mother choose not to use the coverage even though it was there ( we received bills last year where she didn’t fill this insurance when child had been to the doctor). We understand that when they divorced he should not be covered thru stepfather.

It is secondary insurance. The BCBS is the primary coverage and should continue as such since your husband is ordered to maintain coverage and since the child will not be eligible under his stepfather’s insurance for much longer.