Insurance for disabled ex-spouse

I have MANY medical issues. I am on disability and have Medicare parts A and B but they wouldn’t even START to cover the expenses I acquire every month. My husband’s employer insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Texas. That is my primary insurance and then Medicare covers most of the rest of the costs. My marriage is very verbally/emotionally abusive which affects my health but I have stayed BECAUSE of my health issues and insurance. Should we get a divorce can I require my ex-husband to cover me with medical insurance? Can the employer insurance be required to keep me covered if the court says he must cover me? I have lived this way for over 15 years and can’t handle it anymore but know I can’t afford my medical care without his insurance and without medical insurance I will suffer greatly. If we divorce, I would go for support but if he had to cover me under the COBRA plan at work to cover my medical expenses he wouldn’t have enough money to then give me any spousal support. Can you please help me?

The answer to this question depends on his plan, but generally once a divorce decree is entered you are no longer eligible for insurance from your ex-spouses employer. The separation agreement could require he pay for for COBRA as long as you are eligible.