Interim Distribution

I have a court date to appear for interim distribution.

What is interim distribution and how is it different from equity distribution?

She is the Plaintiff. I reside in our home with the kids. Over the past 5 months I have asked my STBX on a weekly basis what assets she would like and happily offered to provide/deliver them. She has asked only for personal paperwork and bedding, which was immediately provided. Do we have to go to court to decide this? Can it be done through an agreement?

We have completed financial disclosures and I am awaiting proposal from her attorney. How many days in advance of the court date is a reasonable/acceptable amount of time to review? I am extremely concerned that her attorney will deliver proposal the night before court date and I will not have enough time to review and digest?

I am trying to do this pro se, as I am barely keeping my head above water supporting the kids and household alone and legal fees I have been quoted would surely sink me. I truly appreciate the advice, opinions and suggestions you are providing through this forum.


An interim distribution hearing is to distribute a certain (or a few certain) items of property, such as a bank account, car, or home, during the pendency of the entire action for Equitable Distribution.

There is no time limit for an offer of settlement, and you may not receive one, if at all, from her attorney until the actual court date.