Interim distribution


Erin , you told me to ask the courts to make a motion for interim distribution to seek that the court order the house be placed on the market. What does that mean? I am going to ask my lawyer to try that tomorrow.


You must make a motion for interim distribution. It is essentially a request that the court distribute property at the present time.


My husband and I own 2 commercial properties. The court appointed an appraiser. We have the # . What kind of deductions can an accountant take off the top besides the mortgage? Can they deduct broker’s fees (not planning on selling them) legal fees, past depreciation, capital gains?? Should I get a second option? Should the accountant specialize in… What?? What does the judge want to see from us?.
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If the judge ordered an appraisal that is what he wanted to see. You may argue the validity of the number in court.