International custody issue revised

The first step would be obtaining a custody order, either by consent with your spouse, or by seeking custody and having a court determine what custody arrangement is in your children’s best interests. Once you obtain a custody order, prepare to give copies of such an order to the children’s school or daycare, the passport office, the s
State Department, and the embassy in the country you suspect she would flee to. Be sure to also keep as much information such as your wife’s numbers for: driver’s license, passport, social security card, and bank accounts. A current photo is also important.

Your best preventive steps in anticipation or the possibility of your wife leaving the country would be to address the concern with restrictions imposed within a custody order.

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I apologize… My wife knows my passwords, etc. and so I was trying to disguise that a bit in case. I did a poor job since I mingled two countries. I am taking more risk but this should be clearer. I should also note in this that I have a great relationship with her parents so have hesitated to do anything formal. However, some people have said that’s a mistake because they will back her when push comes to shove even though they understand her emotional problems and frequent violent rages(the reason for a potential divorce).

My wife and I are still trying to work things out. That said, she is from Venezuela and, in recent discussions about a potential divorce, she has said on two occasions that she would “take the kids away to Brazil.” Of our two sons, I am am the stepfather to a 7-year old (with no legal rights) and biological father to a 13-month old. As I say, we are trying to work through things, however, we have serious money problems. If I decide to proceed further I would like to have a consultation, however, are there any steps at all I can take to guarantee that she does not try to flee the country with my biological son? Also, what recourse would I have if she did? I am desperate for any limited information which you may be able to provide.