International employment and child custody


Over the past year I have been going through different rounds of interviews for a job overseas and have signed a contract for employment starting this July. My son has been enrolled in the international school and we have started making the plans for relocation. The past few months I have noticed a very marked change in my husband and it has come to light that he is a drug addict. My 3 yr old son has picked up in his hands drug paraphanalia and empty meth packets have been stashed around the house. I also have a 9 month infant girl. My question is how do I proceed with fulfilling my contract overseas and have my children come with me without my husband crying international kidnapping. We have both signed resignation letters to our employers…and my current position has already been filled and the new person will start upon my departure. The country that we will be going to was “home” to us for 14 years and we have a huge network of friends and support…my son was also born in that country…so it is not as if I am removing the children to a strange and completly new place. How do I legally leave the country without having my husband come with us? I haven’t decided yet if we will just have a seperation until he can clean up his act or if I will proceed with a divorce.


If your husband consents to your taking the children, have him execute a separation agreement before a notary that allows you to move overseas with them. If he does not consent I suggest you file a custody action with the court and seek a custody order that allows the move.