Bullride, I do not have knowledge of Oregan laws; however North Carolina does have a standered child welfare act. It is standered to ask about wages,work, and living. This is used to compute the amount of support you will be required to pay, and yes, North Carolina does and in what the wife makes or receives from other support. If she is not working they still apply the minimum wage amount to her even if she does not work. Reference the interrogatories if you do not send them the information she could go into court and tell them the incorrect amounts. The problem you also have is that you are in the military. This causes inter state juridiction, and there are sertian law governing this.Also North Carolina Child Suppport Enforcement files a claim on behlf of the wife automaticly any time they are receiving government assitance. You need to keep in contact with your attorney and let him advise you this is what you paid him for. Good luck

Dear Bull Rider:

What insanity is it that an E4 is paying $1100 a month in child support? Are you supposed to ride a bike for the rest of your life? If you received interrogatories, and you are in litigation, I would suggest that you answer the interrogatories truthfully and completely. One of the hardest parts of litigation anywhere is that it is intrusive. No one wants to answer piercing questions, but not answering can be even more costly than this crazy child support amount you are paying. In the event that you do not answer the interrogatories, the general remedy is for your wife to file a Motion to Compel, requesting attorney fees, sanctions against you, and the answers. Read through the instructions in the interrogatories and GET AN ATTORNEY. It sounds like she already beat you up in child support court here, and you need some representation in Oregon where you cannot be.
If she calls your new roommate, you may be able to allege this in your pleadings so that the court knows how difficult she is making your life. Best of luck!

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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Wife lives in Oregon. I am stationed at Ft. Bragg. Child support was filed by ex and by welfare in Oregon. Case is still pending. Wife filed for divorce in Oregon, I filed in NC almost simultaneously. Both cases still pending. Wife then came to NC, through atty, and filed for child support here. Got temporary order for $1100 a month!!! (I’m only an E4!!) I have filed for a termination hearing due to I already gave jurisdiction to OR when I agreed to support being done there BEFORE she filed here, and she lied to courts in NC, debt to state in OR because of welfare, that is my state of residence,she and children NEVER lived in NC, many reasons to have it done in OR. She only came here because NC doesn’t impute income – OR does!

Anyway, I just got interrogatories in the mail. Sent from her atty to mine then to me. No “court order” attached. 10 questions. 7 of them asking for personal information about my female roommate. Name, employment, how much she makes, names and ages of children, etc. Do I have to answer those questions?? What does it have to do with my support?? Or the divorce?? I don’t want to answer. Wife has harrassed several other friends as well as last lady I rented a room from to the point that I had to move! Can I get in trouble for not answering those questions pertaining to roommate?