IRS Fraud and Adultry - will this deem alimony void?

My wife told me she wasn’t happy anymore and wanted a divorce back in September (however she didn’t actually leave till April, but she did move all her stuff out months prior). She filed as married filing “jointly” and forged my signature. I had no idea she had done this. I filed my taxes as married filing “separate” and I was due a refund. She filed for all the kids’ credits and received a hefty refund. My return is yet to be determined. I intend to turn her in to the IRS for fraud, forgery or whatever. She KNEW she was getting a divorce, yet hurriedly did the tax returns and claimed our 2 children and got tax credits AND our refund (with the forgery of my signature).

If I can prove that she fradulently filed our income taxes…and IF I can prove adultry prior to her moving out, could this void any post separation support and/or alimony??

If you can prove an affair she will be barred from seeking alimony, but not post -separation support.

So there is absolutely no way OUT of paying PSS to my dependent ex (who has committed adultry and fraud)?

Is it taken into consideration all MY expenses (including child support) before making a determining PSS award? And how long (typically) does PSS have to be paid?

Just seems so unfair that my ex leaves me for another man and then expects me to CONTINUE to keep her AND her boyfriend up??!! Where is the justice?

The judge can account for her misdeeds in a PSS hearing, but it is not a bar. Your expenses are taken into account in making an award of spousal support, PSS is typically paid for a year, or until a determination of alimony can be made.